A Semester All About Process

Added on by Christine Zuercher.

This past semester was all about process: I learned copperplate photogravure (difficult but a lot of fun- images pictured below) dissected my own process of art making and am relearning how to investigate and explore my subject matter, taught Survey in Photography, started making my own book on shortwave radio with letterpress, even learned how to make macarons!  My third semester of grad school at East Carolina was one of the most challenging and enlightening semesters I've had and I am so grateful for my professors and mentors who continue to help guide me and figure out a path for my research.  

This coming semester, I am teaching Basic Black & White Photography in the darkroom and am very excited. Working in the darkroom is what hooked me and I'm looking forward to sharing that experience.  I am also continuing my research on shortwave radio and am collecting QSL cards (images included below) which are postcards that confirm communication between amateur radio operators. I am experimenting with transferring and layering my own images on top of the cards.  I will be returning to the shortwave stations in Greenville to continue photographing.  Other good things ahead include participating in a show at the University of Georgia Athens, participating in the Joyce Elaine Grant Exhibition at the Texas Woman's University, and being invited to participate in the 2015 Shortwave Shindig (So excited!!)  http://www.shortwaveology.net/shortwave-shindig/. I have no idea what else is to come in 2015 but I look forward to all of the challenges and great things ahead!